The Alpha & Omega Bookstore is a Christian
bookstore where you will be blessed and supplied with
all of your Christian needs.  You can get books, movies,
music, bibles, greeting cards, candles, inspirational items
and other Christian supplies.  I also have prayer
requests where I will take your burdens to the Lord.  So
it does not matter if you are here to buy or you need a
mighty touch from God.  You can get it here at the
Alpha & Omega Christian Bookstore, "where God is
the beginning and the end."

I consider this to be a ministry so my goal is not only to
sell you Christian merchandise but to share the word of
God with you.  A place where you can come to
experience the love of God.  I consider myself truly
blessed that God has impressed it on my heart to do
this.  I'm so excited and I look forward in serving you in
every capacity.

“May God bless you today and always”

Eddie Allen

The Αlpha & Ωmega Christian Bookstore
"Where God is the Beginning & the End."
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